In a time of consumerism and mass manufacturing, the atelier MONIQUE DE PAULA has distinguished itself by embracing the resurgence of an appreciation for handmade products, even the use of natural materials. The beauty of MONIQUE DE PAULA collections lies in its quiet allure and unassuming elegance, the same way nature has enchanted its dwellers within. The fabrics and dyeing techniques are created from nature’s raw materials like flowers, tea leaves and spices. True to its belief, the atelier uses nature as inspiration for its soft and beautiful garments.

The ideologies of MONIQUE DE PAULA are based on the use of organic and cruelty-free materials. This is why all our products are handmade and we only release them as small collections in Germany.

We believe in continuously exploring and reinventing our ability embrace nature through our design, such as extending it to embroidery, knit and others handmade techniques.

MONIQUE DE PAULA is a Brazilian Vegan fashion brand, handmade in Germany.


We fight for human and animal freedom.



The Designer

Monique de Paula Grebner is the founder and creative mind of MOGA. She grew up in Brazil, studied Fashion Design in São Paulo and recently moved to Germany to pursue her dream as a fashion designer. A feminist vegan activist who loves art, music, fashion and nature, she decided to learn hand craft such as embroidery, knit and natural dye with plants and herbs to showcase the beauty of nature in her work. Despite the slow production process, she continues standing firm in her embrace for nature, as kindness and respect for all humans and animals are what drive her. Monique believes that changes are necessary.



So why not 

start from the way we designers and producers made things?